In case a customer requested a refund for a paid service.

  • From the pre-approval page, click cancel pre-approval. then choose a specific service to refund.
  • Tell the customer that they will receive an SMS for refund details, according to normal banking process.

To get claims for provided service.

  • Click on Batch Request.
  • Upload excel e-billing.
  • Upload VAT certificate.
  • Complete all fields.
  • Upload required files.

Keep in mind for each customer a pdf file includes bill and claim.

To complete the order

  • Click Verify email.
  • And Validate I ban.
  • Then save.

You can view batch history to check status of request.

Logging in, to Platform
  • From > click on login button > then, service providers login
  • Enter email and password for your organization.
  • Click on Eligibility
  • Enter customer ID, and mobile, then click go
  • Customer information will show, and their eligibility for treatment, at your organization.
  • To create a request: Click on pre-approval.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • To add more service, click on the plus sign..
  • Click, submit pre-approval.
  • Immediately! an SMS will be sent to customer phone, for payment.
  • Once paid by the customer, you will receive the approval automatically and immediately!. In other words, the customer is the one giving the approval by paying.
  • To check approvals: from main page.. click on pre-approval..
  • For details click on document.